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UPDATE: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Twins Remain Hospitalized for ‘Minor’ Health Issue

UPDATE: Beyoncé and Jay Z’s Twins Remain Hospitalized for ‘Minor’ Health Issue

On Sunday, we got word that megastar entertainers Beyoncé and Jay Z welcomed two lovely bundles of joy to the world on Monday, June 12.

While the Carters have been relatively mum on their new additions, Beyoncé’s father and former manager, Matthew Knowles, confirmed the twins’ arrival via Twitter on Father’s Day.

“They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday, love grandad,” the proud granddad captioned with a photo of balloons and a birthday wish posted to his account.

The power duo is known for keeping their private lives under wraps, so the delayed announcement should come as no surprise. But now that the big news is out, we are all wondering how the little bundles of joy are doing.

Well, it turns out the twins, who arrived a bit earlier than expected, remain under medical care.

According to a report published on TMZ‘s website, the babies are said to be “under the lights,” a phrase that often alludes to the treatment of jaundice.

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The condition, which is fairly common, typically occurs within day to three days of birth. It causes a yellowing of a newborn’s skin and eyes, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

Although former commander-in-chief Barack Obama is believed to have hinted at the sex of the little bundles of joy (and if we take his hint, they’re girls), so far there’s been no confirmation.

But that’s fine, we’re sure members of the #Beyhive have no problem waiting. Congrats to the lovely couple.


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