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What’s In A Name?: The Broke Socialite’s Guide To Monograms

Blame my Southern sensibilities but monogramming and personalization are terribly underrated. *waves my virtual monogrammed hanky in the air like I just don’t care* Whenever I see initials on the cuff of a perfectly tailored dress shirt or scrolled across, say, a coffee mug, I automatically conclude that the wearer is modern and polished with a twist of tradition.  Having personalized a trove of items such as beach bags, hand towels, pillow covers and the like, I consider myself a student of the monogram. With so many fonts and types as options, perfect personalization is truly found in the eye of the beholder.

While monogramming should not be intimidating, here’s a few standard guidelines that might prove helpful:

Monograms for Singles

•   If all initials are the same size, the order should be First Name, Middle Name, Last Name. Example: Mary Renee Smith would be MRS.

•   If the last name initial is larger, the order should be First Name, Last Name, Middle Name. Example: Mary Renee Smith would be mSr.

•   When opting for a single initial, it should be the the first letter of the First Name. Example: Mary Renee Smith would be M (at least until someone puts a ring on it).

 Monograms for the Married

•   Should a woman marry and change her last name, she should follow the first two general rules as a single woman outlined above.

•   A married couples joint monogram should be Wife’s First Name, Couple’s Joint Last Name, Husbands First Name. Example: Stacy and Craig James would be SJC. Monograms bode well as family crests. Consider using them on family stationery.

•   When opting for a single initial monogram as a married couple, the first letter of the Last Name is appropriate. Example: Stacy and Craig James would be J.

Do you monogram? Why or Why not? What are some of your favorite items to have monogrammed?

Shameeka Ayers is an Atlanta-based lifestyle blogger and author who dispenses entertaining, shelter and food & wine anecdotes and advice via her alter ego, The Broke Socialite. She also produces a national tour of curated dessert-tasting experiences, Sugar Coma Events™.  Her first novella, Instantly: How Quickly I Realized I Hate My Job will be released in Summer 2012.

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