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Fit Friday: These Classes Reportedly Spread More Bacteria Than A Toilet Seat, Study Shows

african american woman ab workout
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Flu season is in full swing and the last thing we all want to do is get sick in the midst of attempting to get fit.

And according to researchers commissioned by, three fitness classes are spreading more bacteria than what lies on a toilet seat.

According to the study, CrossFit, spin class and hot yoga are the three main fitness courses that you should skip if you wish to avoid an abundance of bacteria.

Here’s what researchers found.


  • CrossFit gyms ranked as most disgusting with over 153,000 colony-forming bacteria units
  • Avoiding swampy butt syndrome at spin class may be challenging, although swabs from cycling equipment were 240 times cleaner than a toilet seat
  • Bacteria colonies showed up on yoga mats so tough, that we might as well do our stretching in a public bathroom

Take a deeper look at the germs found here.


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african american woman ab workout african american woman ab workout

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