Aries [March 21st t to April 19th]

#MeTime: You might find it hard to settle down and feel comfortable at the top of this week. You’d rather stay amped and “on,” especially as your planet, Mars, is on the ready this week with an energy boost from Pluto and strong passions stirring from the moon. This could wreak havoc on your sleep and could get worse if you fool around with your body chemistry with caffeine or melatonin.  You’ll feel more in your stride toward the end of the week.  Be wary of attempting to cram too much in a few days. Stagger things out.


#Heartstrings: Venus goes retrograde on Tuesday and that’s definitely going to funk up some of your relationship plans with friends, lovers, and perhaps your siblings.  In fact, toward the middle of the week, let me suggest this as a mantra: “ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride/nobody’s gonna slow me down/oh no, i’ve got to keep on movin’” But don’t think you’re completely done with whatever stress and strife that surfaces when you keep on movin’. You’re just letting the high voltage of the energy dissipate, so you can deal later, toward the end of the week, with the problems and not the power struggles.

#MoneyMoves: This side of spring should be among your better times with relation to work and finances, so if there were a time to keep your momentum up, without pressing it too much, it would be now.  Aries is the sign of “I Am,” so just be. If you feel inclined to do a whole lot of extra on the job now, think twice: it may irritate and aggravate more than add as much flavor as you think.  Simplicity is your friend this week, and a gentle reminder that efficiency is a cousin to laziness.  Think about what’s most natural and what comes the easiest.


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