Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime:  I think I’m realizing what nostalgia and being sentimental are for you, Cancer. They are ways to establish wholeness or harmony with something that was broken, whether that was a relationship you really wanted or an “ideal” sense of home that you desired or thought you had.  It’s not that the harmony isn’t real as much as anything is only as harmonizing or whole for as long as it lasts. Nothing lasts forever. You might know that intellectually, but this week is the hard process of looking at that from the inside out. What’s coming soon is the work to create more harmony or wholeness, but this week is allowing yourself to feel deeply how things have been broken apart.


#Heartstrings: Neptune goes retrograde on the same day of a lunar eclipse along with a Venus-Mars square off.  Add and shake those various factors together and you have a week where everybody’s feeling out each other’s boundaries and how much ish people are willing to take.  In your case, you’re not willing to take much. In fact, you might have to get in your “zen” place with folks before you speak…or they speak, as you could be a short hair from wiggin’ out on folks who aren’t keeping their boundaries.  You might remember that you were in a similar place a few months ago. Breathe deeply and frequently this week. It will help your patience and reduce the fallouts.

#MoneyMoves: There’s a rising tide that will start to lift all your ships this week. The first manifestation or iteration of the tide will begin with your emotions and a clear need to feel safe. Interestingly enough, what will get you out of your comfort zone later in the month is realizing that you’re going to have to initiate a greater degree of action than you’ve been doing, much like you were doing toward the top of this year.  Lately, you’ve been more in reaction mode as it relates to career and achieving greater financial security.  Now the internal alarms are being raised and you’re beginning to rally yourself. Here’s an action step to help: you generally know how you feel about the people you work with, but now I want to you to think about how you can experience a deeper bond with the people you like and can do more with.


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