Cancer  [June 21st to July 21st]

#MeTime: As a child of the moon, full moons, no matter what sign they’re in, are going to have some special effect for you. A full moon in Leo season is likely to get you thinking about the debt you owe to others and what legacy you want to leave.  This isn’t just about your material possessions, though. This is ultimately a question of how you want others to remember you, whether it’s over the next week or beyond your lifetime. And with a retrograding Mercury about to go direct next week, you’re probably thinking a lot about remembering others as well.  I think one way to ground this in something practical would be to visit or chat with a senior or elder. They may have an overt message for you, or, in fact, they may help you put your life in perspective and to tweak some of your current plans.


#Heartstrings: Last week I talked with you about how both you and others should respect your emotions. This week is how you show your appreciation to others. Venus is about to move into your sign next week, after a four-month voyage through Gemini.  As planets prepare to change signs, there’s usually some “parting shot” they like to share. I would anticipate in your case that Venus wants to move you beyond the chatter of your fears and get you to put your best foot forward.  What better way to prepare for that than by appreciating and acknowledging those who help you to be the happiest you that you can be.

#MoneyMoves: Doing work won’t be impossible now, but you may not be feelin’ it.  If I may be so bold as to attempt to describe the mood, I would say you feel happy with your progress or how things are beginning to progress; but you need to blow off some steam—responsibly. This is when it might be good to do some teambuilding again, if you work with a group of people. You know, like a bowling night or even as simple as breaking bread together. If you’re more solo, then take some time to appreciate your customers or vendors in word and deed.  Appreciation is a great way to build synergy and energy. It also allows you to do something that you can do extremely well when moved—show how much you care.


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