Capricorn [December 22nd to January 20th]

#MeTime:  This upcoming full moon may shed some light on the ways you may be sabotaging yourself and your own intentions.  One way the stars suggest you may be doing that is in how you may conflate your ego with the things that give you pleasure or become extensions of you, whether that’s your brainchildren, actual children, or a hobby/side interest.  If there’s some disappointment or sense of loss with those areas right now, don’t take it to heart. That will only get in the way.  You are so much vaster than any extension or representation of you. Remember that and your expectations will not wither into disappointment when things don’t happen the way you hoped.  Of course, that’s all easier said than done, but memory is the continuous act of writing out who you are and want to be in your soul.


#Heartstrings: You may be caught off-guard by how a little oversight or a small betrayal by a friend looms larger in your mind than the actual size of the offense. Perhaps your first impulse is to berate yourself for being petty or letting something stupid get stuck in your craw. Don’t. A drip can wear down a stone if allowed to drip long enough. Of course, you don’t need to panic over a drop, but perhaps you sense there’s a bigger issue or problem looming beneath the surface and that’s what you should inquire about or explore.  The little thing is quite possibly a clue, not the crime.

#MoneyMoves:  Caps are not afraid to start off as paupers to end up somewhere better if a princely sum is ultimately on the horizon.  It’s not that you’re humbler than other signs as much as you are willing to defer ego or pleasure for greater gain.  The funny thing about this “ego-deferment” is that it could accrue in interest if you’re not attentive to how you process the setbacks along the way. For instance, if you got “pledged” to get in a particular job or position, you might take it as your right (ego) to pledge others, perhaps even with more relish than the bumps you got along the way.  As you experience a few bumps this week, be mindful of taking too much to heart. Some things that happen to you didn’t happen for you. Or if they did happen for you, you can decide how best to have it better for others.


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