Capricorn [Dec 22nd to Jan 20th]

#MeTime: Although you may have social, familial, and work obligations AND it’s summer, you might consider spending more time alone this week than usual, especially toward the end of the week.  But don’t think this means that you have to become consumed up with your own thoughts. This week may be an excellent time to take in art at a museum or explore new sounds and sights that stimulate the more wistful side that you usually keep under wraps.  It will help you cope with an external world that has become too real rather than an inner world that you also must make real.


#Heartstrings: As the Sun travels deeper into your opposite sign, Cancer, you can expect this to be a trigger for you to deal with your own personal limitations and your own relationship to exploring your own depth. If you are a person who normally resists plunging deep into your own psyche to understand your own motivations and fears, then this week could mark a time when you seem faced with a lot of resistance and “WTF?!” moments from other people. It’s not really about the other people as much as these people provide the staging for what you don’t want to look at in yourself.  For example, if a co-worker is riding you really hard about something you said off-handedly two weeks ago, realize two things are happening: his/her concerns are not really about two weeks ago, but perhaps a fear of something else you might say in the future and are you as careless about some of your own feelings as you may have been with this colleague?  You might not have meant anything by what you’ve said, but others may perceive you to have more power and influence over them than you realized and have taken responsibility for.

#MoneyMoves:  Your planetary patron, Saturn, gets unstuck this week, so we can expect you to graduate some from busyness to making some tangible business movement.  It seems that you’ve cleared out some of the mental murkiness of the last week or so. However, you might have to also give some attention on the home front, particularly with some unexpected changes or developments. Just be careful to look before you leap with asking some questions upfront rather than assuming that what’s happening has a straightforward solution. It doesn’t, and may cost a little more than what’s been estimated or initially quoted. But for the most part, you’re ready to swing toward the rafters.


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