ZODIAC LOUNGE: Libra This Week 4/16- 4/22

Libra [September 22nd to October 21st]

#MeTime: This is the last time that Saturn will faceoff against the Sun while he’s in your sign. Yay! You probably want to know what’s to rejoice about with that before you rejoice. Fair enough. Libra (Saturn) vs. Aries (Sun) mostly boils down to consideration vs. courage, like Stephen Covey talks about in Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  Consideration means that you to take into account all factors involved in any action, while courage is just doing the action. Obviously, you’re being pressed this week to find courageous consideration, considerable courage, or considered courage. Take your pick, and then celebrate. 😉


#Heartstrings: It may take you until midweek to feel like you’ve found your stride with other folks, but I have the upmost faith that you will find it. This Sun-Saturn faceoff may feel like the cosmos has built a wall around you, sealing you off from folks or that you have to put forward so much energy just to connect.  You’ll be able to reconnect to your passions and enjoy the company of others after the faceoff in a few days. But don’t set your expectations too high nor can I promise that the “wall” will fall with the blast of the Moon’s trumpet once it goes into your sign after humpday. Ease into your weekend and your plans with partners and potentials, knowing that your need to shelter yourself could come back up with the slightest provocation.

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#MoneyMoves:  You may still feel some of the fret and fear from Pluto’s change last week into the beginning of this week. The Sun-Saturn stare down doesn’t boost your confidence either. But you’re likely to feel a little more grounded, if not better financially situated, by the end of the week once we have a new moon in Taurus, one of your money seats at your Zodiac Lounge table.  Mercury in your relationship sector toward the middle of the week makes for a good time to bargain and negotiate for your desires. So don’t settle on the first price quoted.



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