Pisces [February 19th to March 20th]

#MeTime: This week ends with a full moon that’s venerated the world over as the Buddha’s birthday and as a symbol of his enlightenment. Enlightenment is a perfect word as it’s a full moon, right? Most places it’s called Wesak.  However, it may seem like a long week before you get to that moon settling in Scorpio, your sign of higher wisdom and thought, to enjoy its fullness. You might want to rush this storied wisdom to keep you from shaking someone’s inner child-made annoying-as-a-materialized adult. Your frustration, though, might be prompted by feeling a strong desire for action in general, rather than a full out beef with a particular person. It’s hard to want to be on the move and not have a complementary focus to do anything in particular. So don’t try to have both, if it’s not happening at the top of the week. Be active, even if it’s only to dance alone or to run particular errands, or be completely focused on something if you can.


#Heartstrings: Earlier in the week, the moon gets tangled up with Neptune and then Mars. Essentially, this suggests something we could call “border control” issues.  You might not be aware of how either you’re running rough shod over somebody’s boundaries or they’re running hard over yours.  The answer isn’t just to put up walls willy-nilly though. Pay attention, as much as you can, to your expectations and intentions at the beginning of any endeavor with someone and be clear on the experience you want to have. You might also check in to see how they’re experiencing you.  This doesn’t have to be a deep, drawn-out process, with yourself or anyone else. In a nutshell, be aware and encourage awareness as you can.

#MoneyMoves: By the middle of the week, you may be facing some sobering prospects about money. This doesn’t mean that your money situation gets worse necessarily as much as you start thinking very seriously about the specifics of how to “tighten up the ship” to get it running smoother. Before you get stuck thinking about what you may lose, realize that by the end of the week that you’ll see more vistas and options that you have to gain by re-distributing your wealth.  Often we hold on to things and situations because we’re not willing to recognize that at one point in the past we were doing the best we could with what we had. Times change, though, and we gotta go with the flow. Few can do that as well as you, Pisces.


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