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ZODIAC LOUNGE: Sagittarius This Week 4/1- 4/8

Sagittarius [Nov 22nd to Dec 21st]

#MeTime: Although this was mostly a milder winter in North America than it was last year, it’s been a heavier winter for you, Sadge. Well, things are gonna start lightening up for you and it’s not just because of the weather. Venus’ sashay into Gemini is a good look for you this week, and will help to change your funk into fun. The first order of business is freshening up your look. For instance, if you’re a dude, you might want to drop the trouble man look if you’ve let yourself go. I think the same might apply for you as a Sadge woman, unless that is a new, progressive way to freshen up your look.


#Heartstrings: Venus goes into Gemini and she stays there for months. We can expect that this will bring out more of your sociability and keep your spirits up. But you might be a bit all over the place toward the end of the week, so keep your weekend plans flexible. It also helps to have Mercury, who’s the planetary chief operating officer for your relationship sector, out of retrograde. So this is also a perfect time to make up if you said some wack or insensitive things during the last week or so.

#MoneyMoves:  You might have some unlikely blurring between your work and home lives this week. You know like wanting to wear your pj’s at your office or leaving your work clothes on while at home.  We can side-eye Mars and Neptune warring “in the heavens” for this craziness. You’re mostly looking to feel comfortable and oddly enough you’re not likely to feel like that’s easily done at either spot. So pick a “neutral” location. Consider doing a little work out of the office and lounging somewhere you can put your feet up, like at a park.


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