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ZODIAC LOUNGE: Sagittarius This Week 4/16- 4/22

Sagittarius [November 22nd to December 21st]

#MeTime: The Sun in Aries faces off with Saturn in Libra at the top of the week. The face-off between these two can be a significant head-on collision in your psyche if you let it. The Sun wants to run off and do whatever the hell it wants, but Saturn presses you to “sitchyoazz down” and for you to keep your obligations to whoever you define as your community. It’s a moment that requires a lot of tenderness actually. It’s comparable to the moment when you realize that you really are your metaphorical brother or sister’s keeper and you see that you’ve been sucking at the job. But you gotta balance that with honoring the adventure of finding the wisdom not to do too much as to deny your own pleasure or make someone co-dependent.  If there’s anybody up for adventure, it’s you!


#Heartstrings: The Moon’s two-day sojourn in Pisces at the top of the week may direct your attention toward the home and family front. Your attention there may not be for any big reason, so don’t be alarmed. It’s just a reminder that some quiet time at home or in a place that feels like home allows you to fully hit the road again when you do with the storied abandon that you’re known for. As Mercury flashes back into your pleasure sign, Aries, later in the week, his entry shouts out that you’ll feel a lot more like getting a party started somewhere with somebody, even if that somebody is only you.

#MoneyMoves: This is the first full week that Mars is moving forward normally. That’s a GREAT thing as he’s been holed up in the career section of your celestial map, so you’ll feel like moving your career forward too. Here’s the downside though. Mars is in the sign of the surgical precision, so you can’t rely on flash, panache or bold-faced BS to make effective moves now. Out the gate, you want to actually be a little lazy: think about the most effective measures you can take that’ll expend the least amount of effort or drama.


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