Scorpio [October 22nd to November 21st]

#MeTime:  There may be some words at the tip of your tongue just scratching to get out, but you find it difficult to let them go.  They could be words of solace or stinging barbs. But during Mercury’s retrograde this month, you roughly have 21 days to figure out how best you will say what you want to say.

#Heartstrings: You may be distracted by affairs of the heart, especially at the top of the month. It may be hard to pin down what’s really bothering you, but you can start by asking, “How am I obsessing about a past experience and then projecting it onto my present?” Face that obsession and objectively compare facts rather than let fear make it true.

#MoneyMoves: You might feel tight at the top of the month and you may fear that this will cramp your holiday or December plans. Rather than get locked into the fear, get locked into planning ahead. Things will begin to look up after the 26th.

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