Taurus [April 20th to May 21st]

#MeTime: Although the Sun-Jupiter hook-up may not have delivered all that you had hoped or desired, it probably delivered a little more than you might have had otherwise.  So, now, you’re ready to return the proverbial “drawing board” and envision some new goals and intentions, with a little more grounding and experience under your belt.  But don’t rush into anything. It’s a good thing that this week spills into a three-day weekend, so be sure that you connect with some much needed rest and relaxation. You can trust that your mind is working getting your drawing board ready, so be receptive without pressing yourself to make something pop off.


#Heartstrings: We often have to envision our friends and loved ones a certain way just to be able to function. In other words, we glamorize them. We might imagine them always to be the very best or function at their very best.  This week some of the luster might come off and that’s a good thing. Your friends and significant others are not responsible for the glass cases of stasis you’ve sealed them in. They’re responsible for what they’ve agreed to do. You might hold a friend, particularly, accountable for something that you thought should happen. But think about how that “should” came about. If it’s what you both agreed to, then shame on them. If it’s all about what you said should happen, then shame on you.

#MoneyMoves: Having a solar eclipse in the money end of your Zodiac Lounge table is a pretty good thing. That’s why I keep telling you not to get too tight about any letdowns you might have felt last week. Eclipses are reset buttons. Or like shots of espresso in your life brew.  They promote changes and can accelerate transformations that need to happen. There can be downsides to them, though. Resets can feel like wipeouts if you’re not ready for them. It can be too much or not enough.  The way to know is to look closely at any resistance you have to “next steps” regarding your career and money.  If you’re still looking at your stock portfolio from last year as if it were the perfect picture, then you’re not ready.  If you feel nearly ready to break out in hives at the thought of tinkering with a new project, you need to ready yourself for the reset. Make a commitment to change, but make slow, steady changes. But not changing is not an option.


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