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Virgo [Aug 22nd to Sept 21st]

#MeTime:  This solar eclipse on last Sunday has come just in time to stop you from falling into some bad habits that Neptune in Pisces is attempting to break up.  Just when you thought it was safe to live life with a felt tip pen, Neptune slips a shady #2 pencil with an eraser in your hand.  Remember what I said at the top of the year about your trajectory: you’re discovering the bliss of fuzzy logic.  Of course, you might be bristling at bliss and fuzzy, but that’s okay—double consonants are good metaphors for your life right now.  Things, like letters and sounds, seem to slide from one thing into another, before you have time to catch your breath, protest, or critique.  That’s not as awful as it sounds.  It gets you out of your head and into more of your body and heart.  Keep going with that…on purpose. Or the Cosmos might nudge back “by accident.”


#Heartstrings: Something happened in Western culture that seemed to put work and our love in, of and for the world at opposite poles. For men and women, we often seem to position career or work in complete opposition to family, lovers, and friends.  If you’ve been living with that “reality,” you may find it to hold on to that clean-cut notion of how the world works for the next three months or so.  In fact, the solar eclipse this past weekend (with its ricochet off of blur-meister Neptune) was a reset button the blurs the lines between the two. Now you will run into problems if you treat your partner like an intern (and most likely the same if you do the reverse.)  However, what’s certain is that you won’t find it easy to sacrifice or defer one for the other without feeling the loss stronger than usual.  It’s almost as if we have a new commandment for a newer age: “Love thy men and women in thine life as thy would love thine work.”

#MoneyMoves: Last week you went “hard,” so it only makes sense that this week you might feel like “going home.” It’s not like you’ll be home-ridden or something as much as the solar eclipse coupled with Mercury’s hook up with Jupiter in Taurus may feel like a bit of a blow out.  So “jitters” yield to “…just so…” As the week gets some legs under it, you may find that you face a familiar challenge between getting things exactly “right” and attempting to go long with too much.  It’s hard to have both. Let “just so” mean that you’re moving gingerly along dealing with things as they come, trusting that things will land up “just so” and in their right place.


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