Virgo (August 22nd to September 21st)

#MeTime: It’s sincerely a matter of perspective on when much is too much.  There’s a lot going on this week astrologically for you, so you can expect that this is a week where you might feel amped, a little on edge and, at the same time, getting a growing sense of clarity.  It’s like the moment after a flood and now it’s time to deal with the stench, clean up, work and damage afterwards.  To be clear, the flood is the seeping fuzziness that was creeping in your life through Neptune. Now that she’s going retrograde this week, you’ll feel both relief and disorientation. So, no, you’re not going crazy, but roll up your sleeves. Things around you might get a little crazy.


#Heartstrings: As Neptune recedes, it may uncover some hidden issues, resentments and shadiness from people that was not clearly evident to you before.  This may prompt some strong passions and emotions on your part and some of them will not make sense, like getting angry enough to want to have sensational, passionate sex with somebody.  Or vice versa. You might struggle with being social now, so this week doesn’t make for the best “date” nights unless they’re in more familiar environments or at home.  You want to feel safe and feel close with those you trust. If that’s not clearly evident, you’re more inclined to give mixed signals.

#MoneyMoves: As Venus sails (backwards) at the top of your table at the Zodiac Lounge this week, she does a rare thing that happened about 8 years ago—she transits over the face of the Sun, coming as close to the Earth as she’s going to get for a long time.  So there’s some work and ties that you’ll be either wrapping up or connecting with from 2004 in your career.  You also are likely processing a certain disenchantment or disillusionment you’re experiencing with your career or work.  It’s as if the work needs inspiration rather than the drudgery or detailing that it’s become.  Don’t worry too much about whether this is permanent. It’s not. It’s time to clear away 8 year old gunk and plant new seeds and thoughts that  need to go deeper in the “ground” of yourself to grow more fruitfully.


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