They say that breaking up is hard to do, so why not let technology take some of the burden off your chest? You’re already using tech to give you directions, diagnose medical conditions, and alert everyone to your latest lunch conquest, so why not put it to work in your relationships as well? Here are three ways to use technology to break up and move on.

The idea behind the BreakUp Text app may seem a little cold, but ever since Berger broke up with Carrie on a Post-It, folks have been taking the easy way out when it comes to ending a relationship. This app lets you choose whether you’re breaking up with a male or female, and if the relationship was serious or casual. It then composes a (somewhat) humorous text message based on your choice of three situations: you lost interest, you found someone else, or you were eaten by a bear – really. A customizable message is generated, and the text is sent to the person you designate from your contacts list. I think the idea is that the breakups are hard, and a little humor can make it go down better. Breakup Text is $0.99 and only available on iPhone right now.

Once you’ve made a clean break, you can make sure that you don’t backslide by doing something stupid – like a poorly timed drunk text or voicemail. That’s where ‘Don’t Drink and Dial’ comes in.  You choose a contact and set a specified amount of time, from five minutes to 24 hours. The app then encrypts that person’s phone number so that you can’t call them or send a text until the time limit is up and hopefully you’re sober again. Hey, we’ve all used a little adult libation to drown our sorrows before, this app just helps to keep you from making a big mistake – because you know you don’t really want them back anyway. Don’t Drink and Dial is $0.99 and available for iPhone.

Once you’ve returned to the land of the living and are ready to move on, make sure you don’t drag the same ole’ baggage into the next relationship by finding out WotWentWrong. On this website, you can “anonymously share your experiences, connect with others and let them guide you towards a more successful and rewarding love life.” You can request or give advice and vote in polls to see how your dating and relationship ideas stack up against others. Sometimes the objective opinion of someone on the outside can give you the clarity you need to see those things in yourself that may have contributed to the breakup in the first place, giving you a chance to address them before they cause problems again down the road. Or maybe you were perfect and it was all their fault…

Relationships can be challenging, and my personal belief is that honest and direct communication is always the best policy. I’m also aware that that may not work for everyone, especially when emotions are running high. These tech tools may just do the trick in giving you a moment to relax, relate, and release while you figure out what to do next.

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