It’s finally Spring (even if it doesn't feel like it quite yet), and with the change of seasons comes the fresh start that we try to manufacture through the scrubbing of floors and purging of old clothes from our closets. But let us not forget about those devices that we use the most! Your electronic gadgets require a little attention as well. Those bathroom selfies alone have cost your smartphone dearly in terms of contamination, with reportedly 1 in 6 testing positive for fecal matter. And when you start to add up gym use, snack (and crumbs) time in front of your keyboard, and the hassle of never-ending fingerprints on tablet screens, it makes the effort of spring cleaning your devices seem that much more worthwhile. Here are some tips to keep things clean:

Don’t Shoot (or Spray) the Messenger: A rule of thumb for cleaning any electronic device is to never spray any sort of liquid directly on the device. Any cleanser should be applied to a microfiber cloth and then the cloth should be used to clean the device. Spraying a device directly can risk damage if liquid gets into any openings. And microfiber is key – paper-based products like Kleenex or toilet paper can scratch delicate touchscreen surfaces. A simple mix of half water, half rubbing alcohol works wonders, or Wireless Wipes have become popular recently as well.

Air it Out: Compressed air is a must for getting crumbs and other debris from in between keys. Whether it’s your keyboard or remote control, a can of this stuff is one of the easiest ways to get rid of the evidence of your latest cookie binge. If you still own a desktop computer, compressed air helps to get dust out of the cooling fans in the tower as well.

ETC: Never vacuum any electronic device, as the suction could create an electrical charge that can cause permanent damage. Depending on where/how you use your smartphone, you may want to invest in an UV light to kill germs— this one sanitizes your phone and charges it at the same time. A sanitizer is also good for earbuds and charging cords. Q-tips are great for getting into those nooks and crannies, and a dryer sheet makes an awesome dust collector too!

With things like the flu, diarrhea, and eye infections all possible from dirty devices, you want to do everything you can to mitigate this risk by keeping them clean.  Of course, you want to make sure any device is turned off and unplugged before attempting any sort of cleaning, and it’s a simple thing to do right now and all year round.

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