The hip hop era of the 90s evokes plenty of talent and, of course, plenty of drama. Lil Kim, who has been making great use of the media recently, has revealed that despite having an intimate relationship with Notorious B.I.G., she still does not communicate with the late rapper's mother. “I have absolutely no relationship with that woman," said Lil Kim.

In spite of her unofficial exile from the Wallace family, Kim still has her fair share of projects in the work, according to her. “I’m going throw some new singles out there so people can get familiar with my new sound," said Kim. She also mentioned an autobiographical documentary that will apparently answer the many questions surrounding her about the industry, as well as an exclusive book deal with St. Martin Press covering her time spent in prison. Lil Kim certainly has led an interesting career, so any book or film covering her life and times is basically guaranteed to be equal parts dramatic and juicy.