It looks like singer Chris Brown and rapper Lil Wayne have more pressing concerns than working on new music. Apparently, officials at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security are investigating the musical artists for their alleged ties to Harrison Garcia, a Miami music producer who is currently on trial for several drug charges.

The Miami Herald reports Harrison regularly posted pictures of cash, exotic cars, expensive clothes and sneakers, along with famous artists on his Instagram page. While his defense team argues Garcia was just hanging out with them, the federal government believes he was actually selling them drugs.

In court on Thursday, federal officials presented evidence that Brown transferred $15,000 to Garcia and the Miami man apparently bragged the payment was for narcotics and “lean”–a popular cough syrup and soda concoction. Additionally, law enforcement officials claim Garcia confessed to selling Lil Wayne “a lot of narcotics” when he was first arrested last year.

Chris Brown and Harrison Garcia via The Miami Times
Chris Brown and Harrison Garcia via The Miami Herald

U.S. Homeland Security Agent Kevin Selent testified that both Brown and Wayne are currently being looked at by federal officials.

“It’s still an open investigation,” he said when asked to elaborate on Garcia’s claims that he sold drugs to each artist. “I can’t talk about it.

Selent’s statement was the first time a federal official admitted they were investigating Brown and Wayne for possible drug ties. While Garcia claims he wasn’t selling narcotics, the prosecutor showed the jury several text messages between Garcia and each of the men that indicated he may have been supplying them with drugs. In one message, Garcia tells his associate, “I’ll shoot u some trees,” before explaining, “It’s for Wayne.” In another message, Garcia sent a woman a text message with a picture of the $15,000 deposit from Brown and claimed it was for “drugs … lean and sh-t.”

Federal officials claim Garcia’s Instagram page showed several pictures of the 26-year-old with both Brown and Wayne, and he even appeared in one of the rapper’s videos, holding stacks of cash.

The trial is ongoing.