Lil Wayne’s greatest passion outside of music is without a doubt skateboarding. Notorious for giving outsiders the side eye, the skate world has embraced the iconic rapper as one of their own despite his late-blooming love of the sport. From receiving an “Honorary” X Games Gold Medal to being made an unlockable player in Tony Hawk Pro Skater 5, Lil Wayne has solidified himself as a posterchild for casual skate fans.

Last summer, Lil Wayne took his passion for skateboarding into new territory, when he debuted the first iteration of SQVAD UP, a free mobile game where players take control of a skateboarding Weezy F. Baby. In addition to Wayne, the game features pro skaters like Evan Hernandez and Yosef “YoYo” Ratleff as unlockable characters. Now, Weezy is back with a new version of the game that packs even more mobile entertainment.

The new version of SQVAD UP kickflips the action up a notch, as Lil Wayne inherits some superpowers and faces off against some never-before-seen enemy birds (it’s suspected that this choice of foe is a not so subtle shot at Birdman, Wayne’s longtime mentor with whom he’s been feuding for some time). The latest iteration of SQVAD UP also lets you unlock new badges as you learn various skate tricks and skills throughout the course of the game. Other upgrades include a new casino area that’s packed with free clothes and unlockable boards for Weexy and co. And if the original game is any indication, players should also expect to hear some pretty fire tunes in the background during play.

Along with the launch of the new SQVAD UP, the auteur of Tha Carter album series is gearing up for his third annual Lil Weezyana Fest, which kick off August 25. This year’s festival will include performances from Gucci Mane, Rich The Kid, Kodie Shane, and, of course, Weezy himself.

Peep some gameplay footage from the original SQVAD UP below. Version two of SQVAD UP is now available for purchase, here.

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