Lottie, an Ireland-based doll company, created the Kid Activist doll modeled after 11-year-old Mari Copeny, famously known as Little Miss Flint.

Copeny was known around Flint, Michigan for her activism. In 2016, she became a viral star for the letter she wrote to then-President Barack Obama requesting he meet with her group about the Flint water crisis in Washington, D.C. Instead, Obama responded to her letter and headed to her hometown to meet with her and help residents who has been without clean water since April 2014.

According to Earther.com, Ian Harkin, the founder of Lottie Dolls, was first introduced to Copeny after she made Teen Vogue’s 21 Under 21 list in 2017. The company worked alongside the young girl to create the doll, which comes with her signature tiara and a “Kids Lives Matter” placard.

Copeny’s likness is added to a group of dolls inspired by other kids who are “changing lives for other kids because they are proactively sort of giving back to their communities.”

The Kid Activist doll, which reminds kids that their voices and lives matter, is now available for pre-order at $24.95.