Being a mom is a full time job in itself. Now, add juggling a career as well as just taking time for self, and it can all be overwhelming. For model, actress, wife and mom of three, Lizzy Mathis, she found that during her initial stages of motherhood, there weren't many online communities for women of color experiencing mom life like her. So rather than wait for one to come along, she created her own.

"The Cool Mom Co. was created out of a desperate space for me," Lizzy Mathis says. "I started my career off modeling and acting. I was constantly traveling and then got married. My husband and I always talked about having kids, but as a woman, I knew it would affect my career—and it did. The opportunities shifted, how people viewed me shifted, and it was during a time when pregnancy wasn't necessarily cool. Online, there weren't any spaces for women who looked like me, showing the intersection of motherhood and womanhood in a diverse way."

Fast-forward and now the brand is a curation of the full spectrum of mommyhood, from different perspectives. Mathis and her team feature the stories of women (and parents) from all walks of life and experiences. To bring The Cool Mom Co. full circle, the brand will soon launch a podcast to further elevate the stories of moms everywhere.

Beyond her personal brand, Mathis is also one-half of the hosting duo for Roku's "Honest Renovations". Teaming up with her close friend and fellow mom of three, Jessica Alba, the two women set out to gift families across the country with home refreshes.

"Jess and I became mom friends during the time our kids were in preschool together. It was random, but it was one of those things where we met and we both spoke the same language. We started doing content here and there, but COVID really kicked it off. We started doing small makeover projects like her office space, and then we moved on to her parent's house. So we thought, 'why don't we bring this to other people while merging in our own ethos—sustainability, recycling and upcycling—and then gear it towards families, which is something we are both passionate about as mothers.'"

Lizzy Mathis and Jessica Alba. Image: Diane Feel/ Roku.

Housed on the streaming platform, Mathis and Alba are hands-on during the entire process—from start to finish. They are able to provide not only a home makeover for deserving parents and kids, but they are also creating lifelong core memories, too. And, after a very successful first season, the two will soon begin gearing up for a second.

"We did the homes of six families and each one touched me; I came out crying after every reveal. It was heartwarming what we were able to do. I don't think people realize how much transforming your space can change the way you live. As parents, we often don't see that since we're always running around or pouring into our children and spouses. But it really can shift things for you."

Below, EBONY asked Lizzy Mathis to share a few gems for families looking to make small changes around their spaces as we move into a new season.


It's so understated, but it does so much. When we come into every home makeover, the first thing we ask is, 'do you really need this?' Also, it's a way for you to expose your kids to donating and showing them how gifting things they longer need or use to someone else, can make a difference.


Once you declutter, then seek to organize the things you are left with. This allows you to take a step back and analyze what bigger things your home needs, like: paint and wallpaper, or even small furniture swaps like a new end table or nightstand. If you are going to use wallpaper, I highly suggest peel-and-stick options over real wallpaper.

Swap out your linens

You'd be amazed at how much this makes a difference, too. Once you change your paint or wallpaper, maybe find a new nightstand—even at a thrift shop—changing out your bedding can really transform the space.