The Real co-host Loni Love was confused for Patti LaBelle by the Food Network during a promotion for its hit competition show, Beat Bobby Flay.

On Thursday afternoon, the network posted content to Twitter with the copy, “Think @LoniLove and @chefanneburrell can find a chef to #BeatBobbyFlay?! Anything can happen tonight!” However, it appears their social media manager didn’t think Love but rather Labelle, as the picture in the post was of Chef Burrell and the iconic singer.

When the comedian got wind of the error, she retweeted it and hilariously responded, “Lordy @FoodNetwork that is @MsPattiPatti .. she 75 lbs lighter [than] me, but we do wear similar wigs.” The original tweet was deleted shortly after, but Love shared it on her Instagram page with the hashtag, “all blacks look alike.”