Loni Love recently opened up about dating a White man and how his race was an afterthought when it came to their compatibility.

“The people I’ve always dated have been black or hispanic,” The Real co-host told People magazine. “I left it open. I was getting all types of men. The mindset that I had was let me find out who the person is before I go judging and saying ‘Oh, I can’t date you because of this or that.’”

Love began dating James Welsh, an actor and small business owner, last August after meeting on a dating app. Before this relationship, the comedian dated men of color but felt things never worked out because she "was always conforming to what the man wanted."

Since getting together the couple seem nearly inseparable, and Welsh has proved to be a " great travel buddy."


Her dating a White man is a shock to most people. “Everybody is so surprised and I’m surprised myself," she said. "But it really doesn’t matter. I’m the first African American woman he’s dated and he said he just didn’t think about it. It’s not a big deal. We get along, we like each other, we understand each other.”

The Daytime Emmy winner is aware of the racial disparities within the entertainment world. She recently spoke out about how mainstream stylists' lack of knowledge of and experience with Black hair. But when it comes to her relationship with Welsh, love is love.

"I just look at James as a person,” Love said in conclusion. “There’s just this love for James, people are happy for us.”