Everyone is always looking for the next big weight loss fad. Though the easiest route to that perfect bod is simply eating clean and staying active, you can give your body a boost with a few interesting beauty treatments that detox and refresh.

Body Wrap: This process has gained in popularity over the last year due to its celebrity fondness. Clinics and spas will typically smear a detoxifying clay all over your body, wrap you tightly, and sit you in infrared heat, which helps burns calories and lose inches. | $80 – $150

Body Scrub: Yes, the rumors are true. Coffee grind-infused body scrubs assist in smoothing cellulite dimpling. You’re welcome. I suggest having a professional give you a fabulous rubdown, because they’ll be able to be more thorough. If you have a big beach soiree coming up, start doing these scrubs a few weeks in advance for best results. Smoother thighs look more toned. |$70 – $90

Acupuncture: This form of alternative medicine – the process of placing tiny needles into acupuncture points on the body – isn’t going to melt your fat on the spot, but the technique does help release endorphins that positively affect your digestive and hormonal balance. Multiple sessions can also help speed up the body’s processes that are moving too slow, like your metabolism. | $60 – $120

Foot Detox: Your feet are a gateway to rid of many toxins in the body. Doing an herbal foot soak is a great way to detox if you’ve been experiencing that heavy feeling. Do a simple at-home soak by adding 2 cups of apple cider vinegar, 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper, along with bentonite clay and liquid echinacea. | $25 – $115