Ethnic hair brand, LottaBody, has released an extended length commercial that not only showcases their products, but strangers locking lips.

“Kiss A Stranger” is part of the brand’s #aLottaLove campaign. In the commercial, beautiful Black people are seen primping with their hair products, but chatting it up with a stranger that they’ll eventually kiss.

“Hair and kisses have one thing in common; they are unforgettable when done right,” a press release on the campaign states. “#aLottaLove is a romantically charged video vignette highlighting the behind-the-scenes of ‘first kisses’ with complete strangers, prompting the question, ‘Would you kiss a stranger in the spirit of finding love?'”

Well …would you? Check out the video below.

Regardless of whether you’re up for the challenge, it looks like this spin on a trendy social experiment that took place years ago worked.