This is your Superpower Life and Love Strategist and Deya Direct, and I am so excited to be partnering with EBONY magazine during their 28 Days of Love campaign! Welcome to 5 superpower tools to love again!

DO YOU! I’m talking about being authentic. Authenticity is a form of applying self-love. By the way, your truth has nothing to do with perfection, but it does have plenty to do with introspection. Own it, and honor it! Loving and taking care of yourself is not only crucial for your health, but it’s also the best tool to teach others how to love and care for you.

People will ultimately respond to what you bring to the table. Be clear on how you’re showing up, emotionally and physically. It’s the law of attraction, which is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

Since energy has no beginning or end, it’s transferred, right? Which means the energy of what you say to yourself and how your treat yourself gets transferred to the people you interact with.

You have all the power here, but loving on you is not a one-time fix. You must affirm yourself daily, even when you don’t feel good. Replace the negative with the positive by reading affirmations, listening to positive speakers and music, anything you can do to feed your spirit. Keep doing it; eventually, you’ll believe and that will transfer into manifestation. As this occurs, watch the flow of how people respond to you shift. Because you are literally the change that you want to see. Do you and what you do shall be done unto you!   Ooh, that sounded deep didn’t it (lol)? I’m your Superpower love & life Coach Deya Direct… and this is your third Superpower tool to love again with EBONY magazine! See you next week. Happy 28 Days of EBONY Love. For more information ,reach out to me at, and tune into

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