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This is your Superpower strategist and life coach Deya Direct and I am so excited to be partnering with EBONY Magazine during their 28 Days of Love campaign! Welcome to 5 superpower tools to love again!

TOOL #2 is DOWNLOAD: You need to download. In computer terms, a download occurs whenever information is transferred from the Internet to your PC. So after you detox, getting all of those toxins out of your system. You need to download about what happened and why. Then take some time to digest it. Don’t be so quick to move which is what many of us do in order to avoid the pain, we just keep on going. But as big mama said, you need to sit at the table and digest your food so that it can be properly broken down and absorbed. After, you can properly analyze what happened, including your role in the breakup. Now, how does this give you Superpower to love again? I am so glad you asked. You see, once the process has taken its course, like food, you can use it to teach you, to energize you, and guide you as you move forward. In love and loss we must always leverage the lesson. But if you move too fast, without proper digestion, not only will it cause problems but, you’ll have to repeat the lesson. And who wants that? Nobody!

It’s time to download! This is your second Superpower tool to love again with Ebony Magazine! See you next week, Happy “28 Days of EBONY Love”. For more information reach out to me at, and tune into

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