The No. 1 way to love again? Detox. In the words of Fantasia, sometimes you have to lose to win. Detox from your ex-partner so you can cleanse your mind and spirit from the toxins of that relationship. That means stop communicating with your ex as much as possible. Get rid of all the pictures you have of him or her. No social media with that person. Stop daydreaming about the good things you used to do with that person. No phone calls. And definitely no physical touching; all it takes is for that person to touch you one good time, and you’re back in his or her arms igniting false expectations. Soul ties are hard to break, so drastic measures are necessary. You need to recover your inner strength to get back to the best of you.

All power, especially superpower, requires hard work, sacrifice and discipline. But the rewards are well worth it!

Love and life coach Deya Smith-Taylor, aka Deya Direct, is a best-selling author. Her most recent book is Soft Is the New Power: Embracing Your Feminine Edge to Win in Love & Life. Learn more at Follow her on Instagram @Deyadirect & Twitter @Deyadirect.