On Sunday, millions of Americans tuned in to the 2018 Super Bowl to see who would claim the NFL championship. The Philadelphia Eagles took home the victory, and as the underdogs, they were more than thrilled.

So were their fans. This piece isn’t so much about football as it is about choosing your “NFL,” or “Ninja for Life,” so to speak. Bear with me.

Many times, we want to play the field (no pun intended) when we’ve found our star player in the game of love. Often, we would rather deal with them for a season, whether it be because of fear, inadequacy, self-esteem issues or simply a lack of a desire to settle down.

If you are happily single and do not wish to have a steady boo, then this article isn’t for you. But if you happen to fall into the category of wanting (and being ready) to share your life with someone, here are three reasons to cuff your “NFL” for more than a season.

1. They are down for you.

Someone whom you have deemed to be your ride or die (romantically) has shown you that they’re on your team. You can call on them for anything, and their kindness is NOT to be taken for granted. They obviously believe that you are special and worthy and that you deserve their respect and loyalty.

2. Their consistency is unmatched.

Either you will be consistently present or consistently absent. How much someone means to you is reflected in their actions and patterns. Your “NFL” consistently prioritizes you (without neglecting himself or herself) of course, and you feel better with them being around, not to mention romantically closer.

3. They are willing to fight for your love.

In my acronym, I use the word “ninja.” This isn’t a substitute for the N-word, but a “ninja” is someone who will go to war for you. If you have someone in your life who is willing to be vulnerable with you and fight for your love, then you, my dear, either have someone who is crazy or someone who undoubtedly sees your worth. No, a person should not be obligated to tear down the walls you may have built up, but if they are continuing to fight for you, meaning you’re not in the ring alone when it comes to your union, then they might deserve a chance, particularly if you have some serious feelings for them as well.

Love will always be complicated if you are moving from the playbook of fear. Do not allow being afraid to win and claim that special “NFL” in your life.