Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Princess Love and former castmate Brandi Boyd got into a heated debate on Thursday night after the latter shared a video of Melody, Love’s daughter with singer Ray J, on her Instagram page.

According to the Jasmine Brand, Boyd reposted the below video after it was shared by Sonja Norwood, Ray J’s mother.

Boyd claims to be a close friend to the Norwood family. Love, however, does not agree and sent a message asking Boyd to remove her daughter from her page.

“Little Brandi, if you ask you to take my baby’s picture off your page. Then you have to respect that and take the picture down,” Ray J’s wife wrote in a note. “We are not friends and we never even spoke outside love and hip hop, which is why i took you out of my wedding and replaced you with lyrica. I don’t f*ck with you because your a fraud. Donot post my baby on your page ever.”

Boyd responded to Love with a video accusing of her being a liar about what happened on the day of her wedding.

“Your lies are weak you dont wanna do this to yourself please grow up and get that evil out you or off my page,”  the former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood cast member said. “I will not stand for lies because your embarrassed for looking evil so now you need a storyline save the drama for your tv time get off my page I care about my fans so I owe them the truth and that’s the only really I responded to your BS.”

Love commented on Boyd’s video and wrote, “You just admitted I don’t f**k with you so like I said don’t post me baby ever again!”