Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta couple Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have showcased the ups and downs of their relationship on the reality series. Although Kirk has been in hot water for fathering a child outside of their marriage, Rasheeda revealed to her castmates that she was also unfaithful in the past.

"Me and Kirk done been through a whole lot of s**t," the rapper and business owner said in a YouTube clip posted on Monday. "We're at a point in our relationship right now, where you got to put things behind you in order to move forward."

After discussing the importance of forgiveness in a relationship, Rasheeda dropped the shocking news on to the other couples. "I ain't always been perfect in my marriage," she said. "We've had dishonesty from both sides of us in this marriage. We've had infidelities from both sides of us in this marriage."

Rasheeda clarified that her affair happened at an early time in her and Kirk's nearly 20-year marriage. She shared the revelation because she wants the other couples who look up to the Frost family to understand the work it takes to maintain a relationship.

Watch the full clip below.