Former Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Brandi B shared an emotional video on Monday (May 28) about the loss of her pregnancy.

Brandi B and her husband, Max “Lux” Boyd, appeared on the third season of the VH1 reality series. The couple has an older son, Brandus, who was often referenced on the show along with the couple’s marital struggles. They chose to keep this pregnancy private to shield themselves and the unborn child from any potential negativity. “This pain cuts So Deep. I thought keeping this pregnancy private would protect our baby from negativity and bad energy out,” Brandi wrote. “[We didn’t want] anything but positive energy good vibes and prayers going up. But today we lost our baby.”

In the video, which shows the reality star lying in a hospital bed and sobbing, she says, “to all the people out there who have experienced losing your baby, it hurts…I realized it’s no reason to be private. I lost my baby right now, and it just hurts.”