Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta castmates Spice and Mimi debate the global effect of colorism in the Black community during a sneak peek of the upcoming season of the VH1 reality series.

In the clip, Mimi took Spice, who painted her skin white for the promotion of her single "Black Hypocrisy," to a museum in the Georgia city celebrating African-American beauty pioneer Madam C.J. Walker.

"Black history is celebrated here in the name of a woman who pioneered Black beauty products," Mimi said. "I hope that Spice can see that Americans fought for us to be proud in our Black skin."

The Jamaican-born dancehall artist, however, took issue with Walker's promotion of the use of the hot comb. "All I'm seeing right now is how they invented the attire to change the texture of the hair so we could probably fit into the system," Spice said while at the museum.

After the visit, the debate escalated. After being asked if she was strong enough to take the backlash of seemingly lightening her skin, the Jamaican artist said, "I know that I am speaking out for something that has been swept under the rug. My kids are still in Jamaica. They live in Jamaica; I'm here on the road trying to make it."

Skin bleaching has been a growing problem among Blacks on the popular island for almost a decade. Many residents believe they would be better off in life if they had lighter complexions, an idea that Spice correlated with the colorism she sees in the United States.

"The people that love you are going to think you're selling the f**k out," Mimi shouted back at her fellow reality star.

Spice told Mimi she would never understand because having lighter skin, she is "privileged."

Watch the clip below. Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta will air Monday at 8 p.m ET.