1. No glove, no love? What proportion of Americans’ lovemaking sessions (vaginal intercourse) are protected with a condom?

  1 of 4

  2 of 4

  3 of 4

2. How many free condoms were distributed by New York City to its residents last year?

 Zero. Free condoms? Fuggedaboudit!

 In the city that never sleeps? 37 million.

 More than 8 million. There are condom

days at Yankee Stadium.

3. Special condoms treated with what substance can be used to curb premature ejaculation?



 Sugar cane

4. Condoms, as her contraceptive of choice, are optional during her time of the month, since no one gets pregnant during her menstrual cycle.



5. Which of the following fashion designers has created a line of condoms?

 Alexander Wang

 Jeremy Scott

  Isaac Mizrahi

 All of the above

6. When going south of the border, you risk contracting diseases if you don’t use a condom/dental dam. Gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis, HPV and HIV can all be transmitted through oral sex.



7. You should always use condoms during anal sex, and if you are switching from anal to vaginal sex, be sure to use a new condom to prevent the spread of bacteria.



8. Which celebrity is said to have purchased “the most expensive box of condoms ever?”

 Donald Trump

 Tiger Woods

 Chad Johnson (formerly Ochocinco)

9. Which of these statements about condom fit is false?

 A condom that is too tight is more likely to tear.

 A loose, baggy
condom may slip off
during lovemaking.

 A condom should
fit snugly.

 Leave a little room at the tip to catch sperm; ejaculate traveling at an average of 28 miles per hour could burst through the latex.

 None of the above

10. True or false?

 It’s smart to keep a condom in your wallet to always be prepared.

 True. Going to 7Eleven for rubbers at 3 a.m. is major buzzkill.

 False. Body heat from your pants pocket may weaken the latex. Keep that just-in-case Jimmy in your coat pocket or dresser drawer.

11. Lambskin condoms provide protection against STIs.



12. Which of the following historical notes is false?

 Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depicted males wearing condoms.

 In the 16th century, some condoms were made of metal.

 The Comstock Act of 1873 made condoms illegal in the United States

 The first modern rubbers were made by Goodyear.

 During World War II, soldiers used condoms to protect rifle barrels from water and dirt.

 The female condom was invented three decades ago.

 None of the above

13. Which of the following statements about women and HIV is true?

 Women are twice as likely as men to become infected with HIV through unprotected heterosexual intercourse because of their unique physiology.

 An estimated 390,000 American women above the age of 15 are living with HIV or AIDS.

 72 percent of infected women contracted HIV from heterosexual sex.

 African-American and Hispanic women account for 82 percent of U.S. AIDS cases, even though they represent less than one-third of American women.

 All of the above

14. In the first few weeks after issue, which campaign-themed condom sold better: The Romney rubber, marketed as “great for any position,” or the POTUS prophylactic tagged “won’t break as easily as his promises?”

 Mitt Romney-themed condom

 Barack Obama-themed condom

1. a 2. b 3. b  4. b  5. d
6. a 7. a  8. c  9. e 10. b
11.  b 12. g 13. e 14. b

0 to 4 correct: Your condom knowledge is
full of holes. Better have
a backup plan.

5 to 9 correct: You’ve unwrapped the basics and are ready to roll.

10 or more correct: Your rubber radar is extrasensitive for enhanced pleasure.