Choose one answer for each question.

1. The ideal first date activity is …

 A. Drinks or coffee

 B. Dinner

 C. Scuba diving

2. The best days of the week for a first date are …

 A. Sunday or Monday

 B. Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday

 C. Friday or Saturday

3. On a visit to your apartment, your date might see …

A.  A display of a skill or passion (photos, an array of gourmet gadgets, a tank of tropical fish, guitars)

 B. Posh pet paraphernalia (fancy bed, rhinestone collar, monogrammed water bowl)

 C. Dirty laundry

 D. Photos of you traveling—with your ex

4. Good signs (s)he’ll agree to a second date are …

 A. You’ve spent all night fantasizing about your future together.

 B. (S)he’s only sent three text messages.

 C. (S)he maintained eye contact and a warm smile, leaned in for conversation and mirrored your gestures.

 D. (S)he’s a professional sex worker.

5. As (s)he responds to your initial icebreaker, you are  …

 A. Thinking of the next witty thing you want to say

 B. Checking out that hot body

 C. Listening carefully for personal clues as to where to guide the
conversation next
          D. Remembering you ate raw onions

6. You paid for dinner. You are expecting …

 A. An offer of thanks

 B. An offer to reciprocate

 C. An offer to leave a tip

 D. An offer of sex

7. You cooked dinner. You are expecting …

 A. A compliment of the meal and offer to help with the dishes

 B. An offer of sex

 C. A proposal

 D. A request to bag up the leftovers

8. (S)he just met you at the bar, went to the restroom and googled you. The search turned up …

 A. Nothing.

 B. Highlights of your accomplishments, tasteful photos and appropriate activity on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

 C. A mug shot

 D. Shots of you drunk, seminude or fondling some “friends”

9. In the beginning stages of dating someone, texting is ideal for …

 A. Confessions you wouldn’t share face-to-face

 B. Showing off shots of your crotch

 C. Confirming plans or letting your date know you’re running five minutes late

 D. Sharing syrupy statements with lots of emoticons

10. Don’t mention this on a first date …

 A. Past relationships or number of lovers

 B. Desire for children or marriage very soon

 C. Sexual health

 D. All of the above

11. Introduce your date to your family, your co-workers or
your children after …

 A. One date

 B. One week

 C. One month

 D. One hundred percent certainty that you are comfortable doing so

12. Safety on a first date means …

 A. Fasten your seat belt

  B. Meet in a public place, use your own transportation, limit alcohol consumption and above all else, tell a friend where you are and with whom

 C. Agree on a safe word in case the Fifty Shades of Grey sex play gets too intense

 D. Carry pepper spray

13. (S)he usually wants to hook up at your place after 9:30 p.m. with little notice. 

 Your date is interested in …

 A.  Courtship and marriage

 B. Friendship and romance

 C. Bump and grind

 D. Letterman and Leno

14. Dating against your “type” means you’re …

 A. Open to unexpected possibilities

 B. Sick of bad boys
or gold diggers

 C. Desperate

 D. On the down-low

Answers: (1)a (2)b (3)a (4)c (5)c (6)a (7)a  (8)b (9)c (10)d (11)d (12)b (13)c (14)a


One point for each correct answer

 14:  Savvy Single

 12-13:  Discerning Dater

 6-11:  Rusty at

 0-5:  In Dating Denial

Now that you know the score, try these pointers from dating and lifestyle coach Thomas Edwards (


Ladies love a man who plans, prepares and attends to detail.

Get used to risk when approaching women. Rejection is a part of the process.

Ladies, realize that the characteristics you’re looking for may not come in the package you expect.

A smile, wave or greeting signals that you’re open and approachable.