Finding someone you really like (or love) is just half of the battle. You’ve got to work to maintain the bond that you have created and often, how strong the bond is depends on how happy your mate is with you.

The both of you should be choosing each other to journey through life because you feel like you’ve found the one that can make you happy. Here are three tips to pleasing your mate.

1. Be honest about your wants.

The first step to making someone else happy is first being happy yourself. Figure out what makes you happy and determine if the one you’re with could fit into your life plan of joy.

2. Listen more than you speak.

Everyone wants to be heard, and often, silence is the loudest communicator. While it is good to check in with your mate about their desires and your relationship, understand that it is just part of the equation. Listen to them and provide space for them to freely express their feelings.

3. Be whole.

When are feel full and complete on your own, it is only then that you will be able to make someone else truly happy. You do not look to outside forces or another person to “complete” you. In other words, you are whole and complete and you will select a mate that is complimentary to your life, not necessary.