You’ve been dating for a while and he’s Mr. Perfect. He opens your car doors, treats you like a queen and pays for dinner every time you go out. At least he used to. Now, he barely responds to your text messages and doesn’t have much time to see you because he is always “busy.”

Often, we tend to fall for the smoke and mirrors when it comes to love, but before it gets to that point, there are always signs. Here are three signs that you may be dating the wrong person.

1) You are not a priority.

We all understand that having a life outside of your relationship is critical, but if you find yourself at the bottom of your mate’s list of priorities, then you might want to rethink your future with him. Someone who takes you seriously makes you a priority and you will never have to fight for their attention.

2) You have different morals and values.

No relationship will last without two whole individuals. And while you may have different personalities, what should be aligned is your morals and values. If you’re with someone who thinks it is OK to behave in a way that goes against your beliefs, then you’re with the wrong person.

3) He has no interest in your future.

Someone who is serious about you will ask about your plans. Why? Because they want to be of service in assisting you with making your dreams come true AND they expect you to be around. If your current mate doesn’t care about your goals, nor does he seem to be interested in making plans with you, then he might not be as invested as you’d like him to be.