Many of us want to attract love and happiness into our lives, but just do not know how to do so. The practice of manifesting one’s destiny isn’t new, but I’d say that many people aren’t regularly practicing this particular hidden gem of magic.

Understand that our thoughts become our reality. In order to attract true love and happiness, you’ve got to realize that you must believe and actively manifest that life for you into your daily existence. Here is more on the process of manifesting your desires via the law of attraction. Here are three ways to manifest the love and joy that you deserve.

1. Understand that what you think is what you will live.

I cannot stress how important it is to actively become conscious of your thoughts. In order to control what we think, we must actively become aware of what is guiding our thought process on a daily and continuous basis. There is a lot of truth to the phrase, “What you think you will become.” The first step to manifesting what you want in life is to realize how important your thoughts are.

2. Be very clear on your intentions.

When you are clear about what you want, there is no mistaking it when it comes. Being clear on your desires, as well as your intentions, allows you to recognize what is NOT for you. You do not have time to waste on unnecessary things and people who do not and will not contribute to your dreams. Once you are clear about your intentions, write down your desires for the universe to receive.

3. Remain at peace during your wait.

Anxiety can be something terrible, and waiting can breed impatience. You’ll start to wonder when and if you will ever have your desires fulfilled, hence the importance of keeping your thoughts in check. Once you have become very clear of your desires, there is nothing left but to wait calmly and happily for the universe to deliver your desires. Otherwise, you run the risk of sabotaging your dreams, because you have already inadvertently told the universe that you do not have faith in its promise with your negative thoughts.