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Love Advice: 15 Signs That You Might be Clingy


Have many of your previous lovers told you that you are not self-sufficient? Have they accused you of being needy and demanding of their time? If so, there might be some truth to what they’re claiming.

In love—hell in life—no one likes to feel like they’re a bother or burden, but sometimes they are. Here are 15 reasons why you might be needy.

1) The relationship is all about you and your needs.

2) You are clingy.

3) You depend on your lover to build up your self-esteem.

4) You do not have a life outside of your lover.

5) You complain about your mate wanting to do things without you.

6) You believe that you’re “all the mate he/she needs.”

7) You cannot make a decision without your mate AT ALL.

8) You whine when you do not get your way.

9) You do not have your own identity.

10) You cannot function without your mate’s approval.

11) You have a fear of abandonment.

12) Your mate’s friends are your friends.

13) At social functions, you are up under your mate the entire time.

14) Your partner feels suffocated and trapped in the relationship.

15) You literally snap at your mate for not immediately responding to your texts/calls.


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