4 Ways to Bring Romance Back into Your Sex Life

Before technology became everybody’s center of attention, couples spent more intimate time together, getting in sync with each other’s bodies and emotions. But we now live in times when couples are satisfied with fast, cheap-eat sex sessions that are often light on feeling. Somewhere down the line, through the advancement of tech responsible for the quickened pace of society, lovers have lost their luster when it comes to the old fashioned art of romance.

With the notoriously horny summer season quickly approaching, many couples will be working overtime to generate new ways to bring spark back into their relationships. Romance may be a bit forgotten, but it’s not lost forever. Here are four tips on how to bring romance back into your relationship.


1. Build Up Anticipation

Intimate time spent with your lover should be something that’s cherished and looked forward to with eagerness. Building up anticipation for the big event causes your lover to fantasize about what’s to come and puts that spark of whimsy back into the relationship. Leave a note in your partner’s work bag detailing what erotic activities they can expect after the work day is done, or send text and picture messages throughout the day of things your lover can expect to receive or see during your romantic session later in the evening. These little clues will create curiosity and an urge within your partner to finish their day and get right down to the full event.

2. Set the Mood

After a long day at work, with deadlines lingering and coworkers gossiping, this private time should mean a true connection between you and your lover. All smartphones, computers, iPads and other communication devices should be turned off and put away to create a space where only your thoughts are allowed to enter.

Create a serene scene by lighting the room with candlelight and burning a fragrant incense you both enjoy. Add some soft music in the background to cut the silence and trail rose petals along the floor toward where the action will be taking place. All of these details will add a feeling of luxury and sensuality to the room. Don’t forget to include foods that raise the libido and encourage sharing, like strawberries dipped in chocolate or a glass of red wine.

3. Take It Slow

The best way to truly connect with your partner is to take your time while exploring every part of their body and to communicate openly about the things that you like or don’t like during sex. When foreplay is rushed, the intimacy is lost, and it creates a tone that you may be in the sex session only to please yourself. Romance and intimacy are all about pleasing your partner, not competing to see who can get to the orgasm first.

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Take your time in showing your lover you’re all about ensuring they have the best experience ever. Give your partner a sensual massage with edible massage oil; use your tongue to discover every inch of your lover’s body; and remember to play out every action you perform slooowly. It will send your lover into sensory overload and have them screaming for more.

4. Try Something New

Sex can become a typical routine when you try to fit it into your demanding schedule, so when organizing a romantic session with your partner, try incorporating new sexual techniques. Book a hotel in a different and exciting city, have sex in a new room of your house, experiment with fresh, unique sex positions, bring toys or food into the bedroom or role play. Whatever you haven’t tried that you feel comfortable experimenting with, hop to it! This intimate time isn’t just for bonding; it’s also for having fun.

Whatever you choose to do to bring romance back into your relationship, make sure you stick to your commitment to keep the love and excitement levels high. It may be difficult to find the time in your busy schedules to make this work, but you must make the time! Romance isn’t lost, it just needs to be discovered.




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