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All of the Feels: 5 Photos That Highlight #BlackLove

This installment of our salute to Black love shows it in different forms. This article originally ran in May 2017.

Photographer Saddi Khali perfectly highlights Black love and family

In a day and age where positive portrayals of African-Americans are a must-have, depictions of Black love and family are a given. We know that there’s much more to see than what mainstream society presents regarding our culture, and it’s time we proudly showcase how we get down!

And one visual artist is doing just that.

According to his website, Florida-based Photographer, Saddi Khali II, wants to “turn you into art” and thanks to a few braves souls, we all have a marvelous set of photos highlighting Black love to view, share and adore!

Khali II recently posted a series of photos to his Facebook page showcasing family, intimacy, affection and freedom. Here are five.

Tender moments that just the two of you share …

saddi khali black love 1

Photo: Saddi Khali II

When you simply take a moment to praise your mate’s existence …

Photo: Saddi Khali II

Photo: Saddi Khali II

Joy …

saddi khali 5

Photo: Saddi Khali II

Moments in love …

Saddi Khali Black love 4

Photo: Saddi Khali II

You complete me …

Saddi Khali black love 3

Photo: Saddi Khali II

For more of Mr. Khali’s work visit You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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