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New eBook Details How Relationship Choices Impact Your Career, Finances

A new eBook seeks to raise awareness of just how much your love and relationship choices impact your career, business and finances.

The book, Buy Love, Get Trouble. Sell Love, Get Screwed, was written by award-winning journalist and relationship educator, Alfred Edmond Jr. In it, he explores why it pays to learn how to love, and details how smart business people put their success at risk in relationships.

In a press release sent to EBONY, Edmond says he wrote Buy Love, Get Trouble, Sell Love, Get Screwed for “high-achieving/high-potential” entrepreneurs, executives and professionals.

“Thanks to more than three decades of experience covering entrepreneurs and business leaders, as well as hard-earned personal experience, I’ve learned that the single biggest factor of long-term business, career and financial success is the quality of the decisions you make in your relationships—especially romantic relationships,” Edmond said. “Making poor relationship decisions is the single biggest threat to that success.”

The eBook is free and available for preorder. To secure your complimentary copy, visit


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