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Connection Quiz: Romance vs. Finance

1. When it comes to saving for a rainy day, my partner and I . . .
A. Put the same percentage of our incomes into savings.
B. Put a little in the joint pot and do our own thing on the side.
C. Handle our own finances.

2. You finally received your tax refund, plus an additional $5,000 you hadn’t been planning for. You . . .
A. Tell your significant other and determine what works best for your collective financial goals.
B. Tell your partner you received $2,500—and stash the rest.
C. Buy the watch, shoes and laptop you’ve been eyeing. Life is about the splurge.

3. You’ve been offered your dream job, which guarantees twice as much pay and more accolades than your current position. There’s just one catch: It’s in another city. You . . .
 A. Ask your potential new boss for a few days to mull over the offer and spend the afternoon creating a relocation plan and a commuting option to present to your significant other.
 B. You accept the position and hire a headhunter for your partner.
 C. You accept the new position, resign and let your boo know about the plan.

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