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Dating Apps: Tinder and Bumble’s ‘Ladies First’ Feature

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The popular dating app, Tinder, will make a change to its platform in an upcoming update that allows women to message first, TechCrunch reports.

The new option will place power in the hands of women in regards to choosing when to begin a conversation with a user, but will not be the default setting as it is on rival dating app, Bumble.

On Tinder, women will decide when to enable the feature.

Currently, the platform allows people of either gender to make the first move after a match has been finalized, making Tinder one of the most successful dating apps on the market to date.

The app currently has more than 3 million paid subscribers who accounted for 30 percent of Match’s, which is Tinder’s parent company, revenue in 2017.

Bumble currently has more than 26 million users.

The new option is not yet live on Tinder, but will be included in a future update.

“Often, women don’t really want the pressure of kicking off the conversation, but if they want it, that’s great,” said Match Group CEO Mandy Ginsberg, speaking in the interview with MarketWatch. “Giving people the choice versus telling people how to engage is the big difference.”



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