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‘Empire’ Star Grace Byers Wishes Co-Star Hubby A Very Special Happy Birthday

Empire actors Trai and Grace Byers are not shy with words when it comes to how they feel about each other. The co-stars, who tied the knot last year, celebrated Trai’s 34th birthday recently.

And this note from Grace to her forever bae is nothing short of sweet.

“i will never understand how you are able to externally translate the incredible reservoirs of love that you house within yourself -but. i absorb every drop. how i wish i could divide your love into a million little pieces,” Byers wrote in an Instagram caption. “and cast it into the ocean for the world to plunge in. Happy Birthday, my King ❤️.”

Grace’s birthday is exactly one week after Trai’s and we can’t wait to see how he shows his lovely wife love.

Happy birthday Trai!


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