G-Spot Does Not Exist

There are few subjects that provide dissenting views among scientists as often as the female orgasm does. Some remained perplexed because they feel its existence has no evolutionary/reproductive purpose (the clitoris is the only body part that exists solely to provide pleasure), while others argue that the "purpose" of a woman's orgasm is to let her body know that the person she's sleeping with is a a prime candidate for breeding. ("Science talk" is so sexy, isn't it?)

Either way, the findings of this study — which women (and men) all over the world will definitely dispute — causes more questions than answers. First, um, are they sure about this? Also, what effect would learning that the G-spot is in our heads have on our sexual lives? Lastly, since orgasms are largely mental, is it possible that the G-spot is a psychosomatic condition? Basically, do you think that it "exists" because we've convinced ourselves that it does?


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