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#TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence: Fans Tweet Allegiance During ‘Insecure’ Premiere

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Click the link to read about the season finale that everyone is STILL talking about.

On Sunday, many tuned in to collectively watch the season premiere of Issa Rae’s bomb television series, Insecure.

The HBO original comedy series is loosely based on Rae’s web series, Awkward Black Girl. While Insecure has received critical acclaim for exploring social and racial issues in America when it comes to African-Americans, the storyline regarding protagonist, Issa and romantic Lawrence’s relationship are what draws us in.

The series is known for dividing fans. It is understood that either you are #teamissa or #teamLawrence.

And Jay Ellis, who plays Lawrence, summoned his fans with yet another hashtag: #LawrenceHive.

Whether you are #TeamIssa or #TeamLawrence one thing is for sure, we are all here for Insecure!


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