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Love Quiz: How Is Your Sexting Game?

african american woman texting sexting
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Are you a talented texter, or are you all thumbs?



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Read below to see what your answers mean:

Mostly A

Step Up  ur Game

You’re overlooking a powerful tool of seduction that’s literally at your fingertips 24/7. Get fun and flirty with that phone and enjoy the fireworks when you get together.

Mostly B


Wooing your lover wirelessly shows how creative and passionate you are. Digitally discreet, you let the tension build while saving the freakiest fun for face-to-face time.

Mostly C


You are riding roughshod through the wireless Wild West with little regard for your privacy, your partner’s response or your prospects of actually getting some tonight. Rein in the raunchy behavior, buckaroo, or you’ll end up branded with a bad rep. —CM

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